Thursday, August 04, 2005

passport photos 1959/2004

I was sure that I applied Oil of Ulan every night and drank my Aloe-vera juice, ate bee pollen, Manuka honey, Glucosamine and fish Omega oil in the morning and yet I don't seem to be growing any younger!

party 1973

Medical staff of the Lutong Clinic

Sydney 1966

Yes, they were still building the Sydney Opera House in 1966 when I first arrived there as a student.

Rose's convocation 1966

I attended Rose's convocation and graduation ball at New England University, Armidale. The train ride on the Southern Aurora from Melbourne was scenic and exciting.

Melbourne 1966

Fr. O' Connor was our chaplain at the Asian Students centre in Fitzroy. He organized barbecues and snow trips for all the overseas students under his care.

1965 Kuching

I was working with Sesco at Sungei Priok, Kuching. My younger sister, Cecilia came for a visit to say goodbye to me because I would be leaving for studies in Melbourne early 1966, for 5 years.

Tanjong 1963

Ex Tanjong Lobang School students' web site